About Start your Business Here

Start your Business Here is a project of the member councils of the Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (REROC) that aims to make it easier to start a new home-based or small business.

One of the most daunting activities that new small business people must tackle is finding out what laws or regulations must be complied with or licences obtained for their new business.
Start Your Business here is an on-line, self-guided computer progam that allows start-up businesses to determine what regulations and planning controls they must comply with in each of the Local Government Areas (LGA) that comprise the REROC region.

Start Your Business Here uses a simple set of questions about the operations of a business and then provides the user with a printed list of the rules and regulations that are likely to apply. Wherever possible the program links the user to a copy of the rule or regulation or the actual licence application form.

Over 100 types of businesses are listed in the program. While the information provided is comprehensive it may not identify every issue that affects a new business because no two businesses are the same. The REROC member councils encourage users to obtain further information about starting and running a business from their local council.

If a user is investigating multiple local government areas then the user should not assume that the information obtained for one LGA will apply to all LGAs.

Start Your Business Here by clicking on the Local Government Area that you are interested in.

The Information provided by Start Your Business Here is given as a guide only. The Start Your Business Here project is proudly supported by AusIndustry.

More great information on starting your business provided by business.gov can be accessed by clicking the business.gov logo